Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Exaggeration is Necessary...

I know I can't be the ONLY one that can never have too much Peplum. I think I have peplum tops in almost every color. I have it on dresses and in skirts. It just flatters my body so much.
In all my peplum pieces, I can't say that I have one like this particular top.
The cascading exaggerated side detailing just gives it such a luxurious and couture type feel
And like all peplum, it has the versatility to be dressed up or down (in my case I went for casual).
Not that it isn't uber fashionable on it's own but I had to add my little elements to make it mine. The belt gives it a edgy layer and the cat ears just brings this all together for me.
When I love something, I tend to get it in a multitude of colors. Luckily for me, it comes in a few.
JEANS & Cat Ear Headband| Forever21+
BELT| Fashion To Figure (no longer available)

So you know I'm going to ask!!! What do you think?
All comments and feedback are welcomed.
Thank you for stopping by and until next post
April Antoinette

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